Royalty Agreements on Single Author Products

We seek to give authors a fair return on their hard work and success at writing a book. We cover the expenses of formatting, publishing, distributing, and social media/amazon audience-targeted marketing strategies.  We also produce a book trailer for each book we publish. 

We are currently giving authors of single author products 30 - 60% royalties. This is a variable rate based on prior publication experience, and the cost of editing the manuscript. 

Commission Agreements for Multi-Author Products

Tired of the tiny commissions given to you for your short story in an anthology? .05% in some cases?

If you are submitting a short story for one of our multi-author collections then we will give you a dollar amount for every copy you sell. You will not have to share your cut with authors who just sit at home. We will support you as you present these books for sale at your local writing events, and in some cases we can even get you tables in book stores such as Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, and Half-Price Books. In past collections, authors have received 2 - 3$ for every copy they sell this way.

Become a Commission Earning Editor

We allow our editors to Joint Venture Partner with Inkception Books on each project. We let you set your time table, your deadlines, and you make commissions for helping us with work you probably already know how to do.

Sign up for one of our Editing Certification Classes which are coming soon! Or submit your application to Inkception Books today.

Why Us?

  • Want free and low cost writing workshops and classes on topics and skills you want? 

  • Want royalties or commissions?

  • Want an independent publisher who uses their brain and not just just MS Word to edit your fiction?

  • Want help marketing your stuff?

  • Want mentorship on how to write audience-centered fiction?

  • You got it.