Submission Requirements

Please submit your story via email with a cover letter.

In the title of the email please indicate what submission call you are submitting it for: "Submission for Romance Anthology"


  • Please submit word documents.
  • All text should be Times New Roman 12pt
  • No text should be bolded or underlined - except for titles
  • Pictures should only be included in Mid-grade or Children's book submissions
  • Alignment should be Justified
  • No hand tabs!! Highlight all of your text and go to your formatting menu and indent all first lines of each paragraph. Hand done tabs will mess up and complicate the formatting process.
  • Titles should be centered at the top
  • Short stories should include "by Author" right under the title centered
  • Section breaks should be indicated with ~~~ centered and line breaks above and below.
  • Please do not use ALL CAPS for any reason. Emphasis can be indicated using italics, or 'single quotes' for titles.